• Value Proposition: Our IUCRC Center for Hardware and Embedded Systems Security and Trust (CHEST) performs cutting-edge pre-competitive fundamental research in the areas of assurance and trust specifically for HW integrated circuits and Embedded Systems (HWES).
  • Problem: Assurance and security for hardware and embedded systems against malicious attacks and activities carried out by untrusted agents or entities
    • For all levels of system abstraction: sys/app level to arch/board level to embedded device level to ASIC/FPGA level to circuit level
    • For the entire system lifecycle: cradle to grave (specification to disposition)
  • Solve: Our IUCRC aims to consolidate academic and industrial efforts to provide solutions that
    • Solve partner problems related to hardware and embedded systems Security and Trust through integrated research efforts
    • Protect partner hardware and embedded systems against malicious attacks during their life cycles
    • Provide access to a well trained employee base
    • Provide access to IP solution licensing / delivery / support
    • Provide opportunities for corporate networking
  • Access to group of govt/ind/academic leaders
  • Partners with similar problems/concerns
  • Unique:  While many efforts have focused on test at all levels of abstraction for hardware and embedded systems, it has only recently been recognized that those techniques fail to protect against malicious activities and attacks purposefully carried out by untrusted agents and entities. It is recognized that there is no single solution to this ever growing and dynamically changing problem. This IUCRC will provide a single, comprehensive site to consolidate and organize efforts to solve the problem of assurance and trust for hardware and embedded systems.

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